Day: July 23, 2021

Dental Straightening For Adults

Having beautiful teeth has become more and more important in recent years, both in the private and professional life of an individual. In addition, in adults, the aesthetics of teeth often have a great influence on self-confidence and therefore on mental well-being. A dental correction for adults allows you to quickly and discreetly straighten crooked teeth, as well as to fill inter-dental spaces. Whether you are 30, 40 or 50, there is no upper age limit.

Straightening teeth without fixed braces and without surgery

Crooked teeth or dental malocclusions come in a wide variety of shapes and complexities. Fortunately, it is also possible to have your teeth straightened without surgery. Transparent braces are just as effective as fixed braces.

The duration of aligner therapy depends on the individual initial situation. However, it is quite possible to perform dental straightening within 4 to 9 months.

Tip: Your best bet would be to take our test to find out if your teeth can be straightened with transparent aligners!

Beautiful teeth without the need for braces

To straighten your teeth discreetly, transparent aligners are ideal. Because adult fixed braces are difficult to conceal, many people choose “Clear Aligners” for professional reasons: transparent aligners. The wish of having straight teeth can be achieved by anyone with this invisible dental appliance, no matter what life situation the person is in.

Finally straight teeth

Crooked teeth are seen as an obstacle and many people are ashamed of them. In addition, misaligned teeth can cause medical problems, so dental correction is not only useful for cosmetic reasons. To help you achieve straight teeth, DrSmile works with experts in the fields of dentistry, dental technology and orthodontics. Our combined expertise guarantees our clients the smile they desire.

Badly positioned teeth: what problems can arise?

The misalignment of teeth occurs when the positioning teeth relative to each other is incorrect. This can lead to chewing disorders, incomplete lip closure, and speech problems. Oral hygiene is also often impaired by misalignment of the teeth, because the spaces between the teeth can no longer (or badly) be cleaned with dental floss. If misaligned teeth are not corrected, permanent problems such as cavities can occur, as well as other dental diseases, inflammation of the oral lining and pain. The aesthetic aspect is not the only reason to correct incorrect positioning of the teeth. It is above all your dental health that you should pay attention to.

Get straighter teeth – but how?

There are several options for straightening teeth. One of the best known options is fixed rings. The brackets are glued to the teeth so that wires, rubber bands and hoops can be attached. Usually such a device is visible and also cannot be removed. These are often the reasons why fixed braces discourage adults. 

Today, however, the most modern technologies make it possible to achieve straight teeth even without fixed braces. DrSmile has specialized in this innovative form of dental correction. Straight teeth without braces: the dental aligner fits easily into your daily life and is barely noticeable. In this way, the aligners make it possible to obtain straight teeth, but can also correct any misalignments.

Transparent aligners for straight teeth

The invisible aligner (also known as the transparent aligner) is one of the most modern forms of dental correction . Smart technology makes DrSmile dental aligners semi-flexible and allows them to absorb loads optimally. The aligners are perfectly adapted to your teeth thanks to a 3D scanner and allow an effective dental correction step by step. In this way, achieving a radiant smile is possible even without fixed braces.

Straight teeth even later in life: it’s now or never!

If you want straighter teeth quickly and discreetly, you’ve come to the right place. Feedback from our customers with our aligners shows that transparent aligners can be easily worn at work and in everyday life. Transparent aligners can be removed for 2 hours a day, for example when eating or drinking coffee. Thanks to the transparent aligners, you don’t have to hide to get straight teeth.

Beautiful teeth in no time

Almost all of our clients would like to have straighter teeth in just a few months. At DrSmile, dental correction usually takes between 6 and 9 months, depending on your initial situation. You can see how long your treatment will take in the treatment plan.

Transparent Aligners: How Do They Work And What Are The Advantages?

The dental industry is constantly evolving. To cite just one example, when fixed orthodontic aligners appeared, they were an important advance in the treatment of imperfections and misalignments in the dental arch.

Although they are still widely used, for proper treatment success, these models require some additional care in terms of hygiene and effective patient collaboration with their dentist to obtain significant results.

Another important point is that, for aesthetic reasons, some adults are not comfortable wearing fixed braces. However, this scenario is changing thanks to one of the main innovations in the orthodontics market in recent years: clear aligners .

Do you already know them? If not, take the opportunity to follow this post and learn about all the benefits that this revolutionary orthodontic treatment option can offer for your smile!

What are clear aligners?

As the name implies, transparent aligners, produced from materials such as transparent acetate, work like a traditional device and aim to align imperfections in the smile .

The main differential of this type of appliance is that, instead of being fixed, the aligners have plates that cover the teeth, providing more comfort and facilitating dental hygiene, in addition to being practically imperceptible.

Removable and comfortable, the clear aligners are only 0.75mm thick and do not impose any dietary restrictions on patients, as it can be removed for meals. In addition, dentists produce a series of personalized guides to be used throughout the treatment, without the risk of darkening the parts.

With all these attributes, clear aligners are a great aesthetic choice for children and adults. At the end of the treatment, you will have your teeth aligned and the smile you want according to what was planned with your dentist.

When it comes to age group, it is nice to note that aligners are a great option for teenagers and adults. They are generally not recommended for children because they have the dental arch in the development stage.

What are the differences between the clear aligner and the conventional braces?

Conventional appliances can be fixed and mobile. They are generally indicated for long-term treatments and with more complex diagnoses. Patients who use conventional appliances must visit the dentist frequently for monthly maintenance, which basically consists of adjusting the appliance.

Today, conventional appliances are divided into two main types: conventional and self-ligating.

Conventional ones have the device’s arch attached to the brackets using rubber bands. These brackets can be transparent or metallic. In the case of self-ligating appliances, the arc is connected directly to the brackets, without the need to use rubbers.

The self-connected type device can provide excellent results in a shorter period of time. In addition, maintenance is more spaced, generally being done every two months.

The clear aligner is completely different from conventional braces. It consists of a transparent plate, very similar to bruxism plates, which can be removed and placed by the patient himself, without the need to visit the dentist for frequent adjustments.

If the patient chooses the clear aligner, the frequency of visits to the dentist will basically depend on the particularities of each case.

How is the clear aligner developed?

First, during the appointment with the dentist, the documentation is prepared — which includes photos, panoramic x-ray, 100% digital scanning, which means that the patient no longer needs to carry out the process with putty and mold, conventionally used in traditional appliances.

Then, through a specialized program, the dentist assembles the treatment step by step, demonstrating the expected results through a 3D simulation for greater precision.

In the third step of developing your clear aligner, your dentist sends the plan to the lab to produce your aligner guides. Then, just use the aligners according to the professional’s guidelines.

Orthodontics For Adults With Your Smile Direct

What is this new adult craze for orthodontics?

A pretty smile has a very significant social impact, hence the boom in veneers and bleaching , treatments that are less engaging over the length than orthodontics. Almost 25% of adult patientswho go to the dentist for something other than a simple treatment (small cavities, annual check-up, etc.), go there to have adult braces fitted. You should know that the jaw moves throughout life and that you may have had a perfect smile at 20, which is much less two decades later. Some have seen their wisdom teeth grow very late (they can grow up to 25 years) and which for lack of space, have made the incisors and canines overlap. Others did not have “braces” during adolescence, and un-straightened teeth are in a worse position. And finally, age (it happens much earlier than you might imagine) “throws” the jaw forward and thus creates a bad alignment of the teeth.

Gone are the days of horrible equipment like those in the Comme de Garçons ad published in 1988, shot in 1977 by Jim Britt who had photographed his own daughters.

The reason for starting a treatment is not just cosmetic. It also and above all makes it possible to obtain a satisfactory bite between the upper arch and the lower arch and thus avoid many short and long term problems , in particular periodontal problems, loosening and loss of teeth and therefore having to wear dentures one day.

Several solutions are available to you.

The Your Smile Direct solution

Your Smile Direct is a brand that offers orthodontic treatment at a lower cost in 20 weeks !

Indeed, it “acts” only on the 6 teeth (6 at the top 6 at the bottom) called “of the smile” . Not everyone is therefore eligible for treatment. To find out if you are eligible, simply complete the form at this address and upload the required photos. They will be examined by dentists and you will receive the answer very quickly.

How’s it going

3 simple steps!

You can go to one of the Centers du Sourire Your Smile Direct (video consultation or go to Paris at 75 bd Haussmann, a stone’s throw from the department stores). The dentist present will do a 3D scan of your teeth; OR you order a dental impression kit to take home in peace. Of course a complete guide and a step-by-step will be sent to you with the printing kit to make perfect impressions.

Whether it is the 3D scan or the dental printing kit, everything is examined by dentists and you receive on your email, your treatment plan in 3D in the form of a mini-video.

Once you have seen your 3D treatment plan and validated your payment, your invisible braces are sent to you. Each set of braces has been specially designed by a team of licensed and licensed dentists to gently place teeth in extremely straight alignment for the duration of treatment, using different aligners at specific stages . The aligners are made of a material devoid of any toxicity and bisphenol-free .

Once your invisible braces treatment is complete, you should maintain that beautiful smile by wearing your full-time retainers for 6 months and then 6 months only at night . You will need to order them from Your Smile Direct shortly before the end of your treatment so as not to break the plan. It is really imperative to wear this condition because otherwise your teeth would come back to the starting position (with any treatment there is a contention to wear)