Byte Aligners Dental Appliance

Byte Aligners Dental Appliance

Byte Aligners is the best known completely invisible dental appliance . Composed of a set of custom aligners, the Invisalign orthodontic treatment is extremely comfortable for the patient.

Due to the fact that the aligners are removable, the treatment does not bring changes in the diet or in the hygiene routine. In addition, it does not produce any change in the patient’s social life, he can give up the device at any key moment, from meetings, conferences to special events in his life. Being made of a transparent material, the aligners are almost invisible.

Because the set of splints must be removed when the patient wants to eat, Invisalign is also the ideal choice for the little ones, helping them to have a healthy lifestyle and give up unhealthy snacks. 

Advantages / Benefits

  • It is completely invisible due to the aligners made of a transparent material, so no one will notice that you are wearing braces.
  • It does not cause pain or discomfort due to the fact that it has no brackets or wires – there is only a small pressure when changing each set of aligners
  • The aligners change at home, without having to go to the activation of the dental appliance at the orthodontist, so the dental appliance can also be used in remote orthodontic treatments
  • Rarely visits to the orthodontist, the control being done at 6-8 weeks or even 3 months
  • It is 100% customized and works throughout its duration, compared to classic devices that only work in the first two weeks after activation.
  • Apply small but low forces, thus protecting the teeth from sudden movements and moving them constantly
  • You can eat anything when you’re not wearing gutters
  • It does not change the sanitation routine

Tips and recommendations

For visible results, wear at least 22 hours a day, including at night.

Do not consume colored drinks because you will risk coloring the aligners.

Clean the aligners each time before putting them on.

After eating, always brush your teeth before putting on your braces. If you don’t, you risk cavities.

If you feel that salivation is abundant, do not worry, it is normal at first.

Do not use toothpaste to clean aligners, but soap 

Always keep the sets of Byte Aligners you have already worn

Always keep the current set of aligners in the box you received in the package

How do teeth straighten the invisible braces, Byte Aligners?

Unlike conventional orthodontic treatments, Invisalign uses an innovative technology that allows the correction of teeth and the treatment of incorrect occlusion conditions, in children and adults, through a series of transparent removable aligners. With the help of ClinCheck, the 3D virtual treatment plan, the patient will see from the beginning what his smile will look like at the end of the treatment (and how it will change from day to day), even before starting the actual treatment.

Each set of aligners or splints should be worn for two weeks (in some cases 3 weeks, depending on your doctor’s recommendations). As the sets of aligners are changed, your teeth migrate from day to day to the final position in the treatment plan. Aligners should be worn for at least 22 hours / day for fast results. 

It is not necessary to activate the dental appliance as it happens in the case of dental braces, because Invisalign works continuously, 24 hours a day, applying gentle forces on the teeth to bring them into the correct position. Thus, visits to the orthodontist are rarer, at 6-8 weeks or even 3 months for patients living abroad (being recommended for remote orthodontic treatment) versus the classic one that requires monthly monitoring.

As Invisalign aligners can be removed at any time of the day, the patient can eat whatever he wants, just as he did before starting orthodontic treatment, unlike braces where there are many dietary restrictions.

Being removable it does not produce any change in the routine of oral hygiene and, most importantly, is that the patient can remove the device on any special occasion such as weddings or important meetings, so social life remains the same. Of course, with the difference that the patient will be more confident.

The Invisalign system offers the easiest method of straightening teeth, it is comfortable, invisible and removable, so it does not produce any change in the hygiene routine or in the diet, as it happens in the case of classic Byte Aligners with brackets.

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